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Best In Class Software Development For The Logistics & Transportation Industry

We at KAVObits provide a host of different software solutions and services to the Logistics & Transportation Industry including cloud computing, route analyzing, location tracking software and much more.

Our team of 650+ employees including engineers and developers work hard to deliver cutting-edge, scalable, and trustworthy logistics and transportation software solutions to customers all over the world.


Our Expertise In Logistics & Transportation

We help leading logistics and transportation brands across the globe with our comprehensive and complex logistics and transportation applications.


Clinical Workflow Automation

By providing software that helps in the automation of repetitive daily tasks, we help to improve efficiency and streamline workflows and processes


ChatBot Development

We create advanced chatbots that help in boosting and enhancing the customer experience which ultimately benefits the client.



Through the use of blockchain technology, we can help enhance efficiency as it provides benefits like process automation and decreased paperwork.

Logistics & Transportation Software Solutions

Our expert developers specialise in creating innovative and dependable software solutions that fit the needs and requirements of our customers and clients.


ERP Based Solutions

We offer enterprise resource planning solutions through applications that help the support facilities and locations.


Chatbots Development

We develop and create interactive chatbots for our clients that help them in customer service. These bots learn & evolve with time.

Logistics & Transportation Software Services

We provide top-notch software services to facilitate and aid the logistics and transportation industry and its businesses.

Cost Management

Our team offers useful and creative strategies and solutions that will aid businesses in managing and controlling their costs. They do this by analysing the budget and optimizing the distribution of components.

Logistics Analytics

We help fuel management through the use of logistical analysis. The need for fuel management has occurred due to increasing security concerns.

Real-time Tracking Solutions

As a software company that caters to logistics businesses, we offer high-quality real-time tracking solutions that help in tracking fleets, shipments and vehicles.

On-demand Technical Support

Our developers are present on-demand for any support that may be needed or required.


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