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A Software Support & Maintenance Services Company

We now use automated software maintenance techniques, consistent bug tracking, and on-demand support solutions due to the growing complexity and intricacy of applications. Our expert support team offers professional web & mobile application maintenance services to keep your digital assets in check.

WeWe provide a broad range of independent software maintenance services that abide by the highest requirements of security and adhere precisely to established industry standards.

Work with an offshore support team through KAVObits and avoid the hassle of outsourcing. Contact us for a free quote.


Our Support & Maintenance Services

Keep your applications, software and systems up to date and functioning smoothly as well as optimally through our support and maintenance services and solutions. Find out more about our services below.


OS & Server Migration

We evaluate the elements of your company's IT transition. Our experts evaluate the current apps used by your company and advise you if an OS upgrade or system migration is necessary.


3rd Party Maintenance

Our maintenance team utilizes a number of methods to detect and identify problems with your software and supply the necessary support services to combat them.


Bug Fixes & Task Tracking

Our support team keeps a check on your ongoing tasks and makes sure that they operate efficiently and at the same time they also carry out bug fixes.


Application Maintenance

The procedure of upgrading, modifying, and updating applications and software to keep them up to date with user demands is known as application maintenance. We recommend the needed improvements needed.


Dedicated App Maintenance Teams

Our independent maintenance services can be used to enhance and improve your already existing multi-platform application maintenance and support capabilities.


Digital App Maintenance Services

You can benefit from our maintenance services as we cater to every industry sector and by offering app software development services to every industry sector, we provide your company with a digital edge.


Offshore App Maintenance Services

We can effectively help you with support & maintenance services even while being offshore through our automated software maintenance methods, bug tracking, and on-demand support options.


Application re-engineering

We help you update your existing software by evolving it with the latest technology available. Your development, design, integration, testing & deployment requirements are assessed to help improve your software.


DevOps Solutions

We provide effective DevOps solutions and services to automate the delivery of digital products as well as make sure that the infrastructure is secure and scalable.


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