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Extensive And Sophisticated Cloud Computing Services & Solutions

In this day and age, due to various business and market challenges, increased & tough competition as well as the constantly evolving technologies, usage of cloud platforms is all the rage. This requires powerful and reliable cloud computing solutions which we at KAVObits are ready to provide.

Our cloud-related services aid in enhancing your business to keep up with the times as well as technological evolution. We also help in inducing business-related growth & development.


Our Cloud Computing Solutions Enterprise

Enterprises strive to create exceptional, hyper-personalized customer experiences. We make it possible by combining the power of cloud with application modernization.


Business Continuity

We help ensure that business functions and operations do not get interrupted through Cloud migration and DR strategy.


Reduced Costs

Cloud platforms can be useful as they reduce the need for infrastructure which reduces their costs as well as maintenance costs. Simultaneously, they also help to increase ROI.


Higher Flexibility

Cloud services offer businesses the opportunity to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the market as well as advancement in tech through upgradation services.


More Scalability

In a cloud-based environment, software and apps are highly scalable, adaptable and flexible.


Real-time Reporting

Cloud platforms allow for improved uptime through real-time reporting and real-time data


Competitive Edge

With cloud computing, it is possible to be ahead of competitors as well as be ready for any future opportunities or challenges.

Cloud Computing Services

Our services facilitate you to make the most of a cloud server platform.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Through our state-of-the-art and latest tools & technologies, we provide our clients with application migration, application refactoring, infrastructure modernization, and application modernization

Cloud Managed Services

The cloud platform helps to manage services like infrastructure setup and management, cloud-based monitoring, business continuity strategies, etc.

Cloud Native Application Development

We help our clients in building and developing native cloud apps as well as SaaS-based software products in a quick and swift time period.

Backup Solutions

Through the utilisation and assistance of Server virtualization and high-level shared storage devices, we provide premium and powerful backup solutions that are industry-level.

Cloud Consultancy

Any guidance or assistance that our clients require concerning cloud computing is available through our top-ranked cloud consultancy services.

Disaster Recovery

To ensure that business operations remain consistent and continuous, we implement automatic disaster recovery protocols through our advanced cloud storage infrastructure.

Why Hire Cloud Developers

Hire our talented team of Cloud developers and get the benefit of their experience and their skill. Our developers are qualified, reputable and vetted. When you work with us, you get the advantage of no contract lock-ins. You have oversight and control over your project, as it will be done according to your needs. Furthermore, our team will work with dedication to deliver the project on time. Also, in the spirit of transparency, we keep an open line of communication with you and give you the option to engage with us according to your requirements. Additionally, we offer IP [Intellectual property] rights protection.

Experienced Cloud developers
Maintain oversight & control
Flexible engagement options
100% in-house staff
No contract lock-ins
Hand-picked vetted talent

Hire Cloud Developers in easy steps

Outsourcing IT project with KAVObits is not complex. Here is the simple way to hire dedicated Cloud Developers to build quality solutions for your business.



Contact us to discuss your business objectives



Discuss the project, its feasibilities, hiring model and cost



Build your own team of developers; your choice, your selection.



Transfer money as per terms & conditions



The project begins immediately with milestones defined.

Cloud Developers

KAVObits gets you bespoke business solutions. Hire expert Cloud Developers at affordable costs


Hourly Based

  • No complexity – pay hourly, happily
  • Use hours as and when required
  • Enjoy flexibility – add hours any time
  • Monthly billing – no hidden costs


  • Fixed amount – clear budget figure
  • Clear period of project completion
  • Ideal for projects with fixed scope
  • No setup fees – monthly billing


  • Flexibility unlimited – best model
  • Entire team works on only your project
  • Build your team – have total control
  • Flexibility to add or remove resources

Hire the best Cloud Developers at KAVObits to develop IT solutions that cater to your business needs. You can also have dedicated Cloud Developers experts at the helm for software maintenance. Contact us for technology consultation from our experts.


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