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AcceleTrial™ takes the guesswork out of clinical trial site identification and activation.

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About App

LINEA System is a leader in helping accelerate clinical trials by leveraging data and automated technology in a completely new way. We specialize in clinical site and investigator identification, feasibility, and trial activation. Our cloud-based Study Start-up Management System (SSMS), AcceleTrial™, enables sponsors to streamline and automate the study start-up process to drastically reduce the launch time of clinical trials and patient recruitment. Because when you identify the right investigators and sites first, your trial begins faster, and critical medicine gets to patients who need it most.

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Standard Features List

Following are the list of features that we provided in the accceletrial website.

Cloud-based solutions, such as the LINEA system, offer a broad range of features for organizations in both small and large enterprises. The LINEA system provides users with an intuitive interface to manage customer data, product catalogs, inventory and orders, invoicing and more. It offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that provide real-time access to key performance metrics and trends

The LINEA system is an innovative technology that provides healthcare professionals with a unique and comprehensive approach to speedy recovery. The system utilizes advanced electromyographic (EMG) sensors that are applied directly to the skin to provide real-time feedback on muscle activity. This helps clinicians identify body signals such as delayed fatigue, localized pain, or neurological imbalances before they become symptomatic.

The LINEA system is a viable asset for business operations and has been designed to provide optimal efficiency, accuracy and scalability. It works by allowing the user to create custom reports based on their data that can be used for performance management, cost reduction and trend analysis. Additionally, the system offers features such as reporting with automated alerting, data integrity verification and audit tracking.

LINEA, the acronym for Longitudinal Integrated Network for Advancement of Healthcare, is a sophisticated clinical trials platform developed by Certo Health Solutions. The system allows researchers to efficiently manage their research projects and provides the necessary data sharing tools and capabilities to enable rapid decision-making, while promoting collaboration among healthcare stakeholders.

LINEA is an advanced patient recruitment system designed to help simplify the process of recruiting clinical trial participants. It features a comprehensive database of interested individuals who meet specific criteria such as age, gender, medical conditions and geographic location. The system also offers powerful recruiting tools that automate and streamline processes such as patient notification, data collection, interviews and consenting. In addition, LINEA provides real-time reports on outreach efforts, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

The LINEA system is a unique medical treatment and medicine delivery innovation that allows for more efficient administration of drugs and medicine to patients. Additionally, the LINEA system includes data analytics software capable of monitoring, tracking, storing and reporting patient-specific drug information including allergies, side effects and even therapeutic outcomes.All in all, LINEA stands as an innovative solution that promises to benefit both healthcare professionals and patients alike.

The LINEA system is a comprehensive assessment tool used to identify potential sites for development or any other given purpose. It features a suite of predictive models that assess an array of physical, environmental, and socio-economic indicators related to land-use planning. These indicators are analyzed relative to the zoning regulations and standards that apply in the target area. The results are then overlaid with existing GIS layers to create an expert opinion about site suitability.

The LINEA system is a comprehensive solution for drug shipment features. It offers dynamic inventory management, complete temperature and shock monitoring sensors, real-time tracking of shipments in transit, compliance compliant label printing to ensure accurate dosage administrations and chain-of-custody tracking.

App Screens

Our SSMS has an automated workflow that enables sponsors to focus more time and resources on what really matters – advancing patient care.

Client's Need

Client had an idea to developed a platform which reduce the launch time of clinical trials and patient recruitment and also accelerate clinical trials by leveraging data and automated technology in a completely new way.

Where platform internally check data quality and gaining intelligence on the sites that would take the guesswork out of the site’s ability to contribute to patients.

Our Solutions

Our solution provides our clients a competitive advantage in advancing clinical trial launch and perfecting the site identification to quickly get access to patients. It also brings the table data driven analytics, business process mapping and modeling, workflows and integration with solutions intended to help advance the site identification and feasibility

Also We built an algorithm to access, extract, normalize, index, and integrate data to create a customizable site identification platform.


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