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BigIron Auction App

The BigIron auction app with new enhancement of BigIron App provides the user flexibility to access the upcoming auction, Search for the item based on the Equipment categories type and Refine by features without login to the bidder account and provide the suggestion of the app.

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BigIron Auction

About App

The BigIron is an auction app that provides a secure virtual marketplace for buying and selling durable assets such as farm equipment, industrial machinery, recreational vehicles, irrigation systems, tractors, and more. It offers users competitive bidding with no minimum bids or reserve prices for their assets. Its streamlined platform allows buyers to view pictures and video of the assets listed on BigIron access real-time information about the asset condition before it goes to sale and place bids quickly and securely from any device. Additionally, its intuitive user-interface guarantees a smooth auction process from start to finish – from registering as a bidder to winning an auction in one easy transaction. BigIron is the perfect platform for anyone looking to get a great deal on durable goods.









React Native

React Native



Standard Features List

Following are the list of features that we provided in the BigIron Auction mobile application.

The BigIron Auction app offers an intuitive and user-friendly auction item search feature, allowing consumers to easily find items they are interested in. By utilizing the filtering options, users can narrow their search by category or criteria such as location, time remaining on the auction, sale type (e.g., online or in-person), and more.

List auctions items by features provides an organized approach to locating desired products on BigIron app. This feature allows users to quickly sort and filter numerous options, such as item condition, location, makes/models and hours of operation.

The BigIron app's auction view feature provides users with detailed and comprehensive insights into any auction item available on the platform.Furthermore, it offers an interface where users can place bids in real-time or leave comments for particular auctions, aiding in decision making during competitive bidding periods.

Bidding on desired items in Bigiron's auction app is easy and convenient. First, customers sign up for a new user account, which takes minutes and requires basic information such as name, email address, phone number and address. They can then begin browsing the marketplace to find items of interest. When they come across an item they want, they can place their bid by entering the maximum amount they are willing to pay for it. All bids are submitted anonymously, using virtual cards so that other buyers cannot see who has placed the highest bid at any given time.

The auction notifications feature also allows users to manage their bids and offers, monitor current auctions and adjust their strategy as needed in real time for optimal success rates.

When listing all bid Bigiron app items in a professional setting, it is important to ensure accuracy and detail. This approach will ensure that all aspects of the project are accounted for making transactions smooth and efficient.

The Feedback section of the popular Bigiron app is designed to help users submit their thoughts and impressions directly to the developer. This invaluable feature allows users to provide direct, actionable input regarding bugs, features and general user experience through a secure and easy-to-use platform. Combined with other options such as customer service chatbots and technical support forums, it provides an end-to-end method for rapidly addressing user concerns that helps the developer maintain an accurate picture of the state of the app.

BigIron's Location Tracking app is an innovative solution for businesses to keep track of their staff on-site. The app conveniently allows for both real-time and long-term tracking of team members, providing detailed location data from the field. Ideally suited for those in industries such as construction or manufacturing, Bigiron's Location Tracking app strives to reduce time wasted searching for staff while also ensuring safety protocols are not violated. Using a secure cloud-based system and highly sensitive 90 dB alerts that can be configured by administrators, as well as comprehensive mapping capabilities and easy updates, this comprehensive application ensures locations can be tracked quickly and easily.

App Screens

Welcome to BigIron Auction App. We have built the most intuitive options education and analytics. Options for the Rest of Us

Client's Need

Client had an idea where they want to develop an mobile application where customers don't need to create bidder account in the application and without creating account customers can take part in the auctions.

Where main focus for this application development was to provide equipment, Real Estate and live stock auction functionality. so customers can choose the desired auction items after checking the detail description for an auction items and then they bid on that item and they also see the results of an aution at the end of the process.

Our Solutions

According to client need we go through the different process for the application development so that at the end we'll replicate exact same solution which match with the client's idea.

After selecting the process of the development we started actual development which included all of the necessary features that client asked which must be included in the auction mobile application where we divided the different auction item in the seprate page so customer can focus more on the selected auction items auction.


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